Anfield Diversified Alternatives ETF

Introducing DALT

The Anfield Diversified Alternatives ETF


Fund Objective:

The Anfield Capital Diversified Alternatives ETF (“the Fund”) seeks to provide capital growth and income with positive return over full market cycles. The Fund invests in a broad spectrum of asset classes with tactical adjustments made by the portfolio management team in an effort to reduce risk and increase return. The portfolio may invest in all domestic and international asset classes, including but not limited to equity, debt, commodities, all categories of alternatives and real estate. The portfolio managers will look to invest in a diverse set of assets classes, typically ten different markets, sectors, and themes with a target of approximately 20 to 30 different positions, dependent on market conditions.

Investment Strategy:

The Fund is an actively managed exchange traded fund (“ETF”) and seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in alternative asset classes and securities that represent sectors, market segments or asset classes that do not represent the general investment universe. The Fund will implement this strategy primarily through investments in unaffiliated ETFs, closed-end funds (“CEFs”), business development companies (“BDCs”) and real estate investment trusts (“REITs”). The market segments and sectors represented in these securities will typically have a lower correlation to the general equity and fixed income markets and whose performance and volatility is affected by factors different from those that determine the general direction of the equity and fixed income markets.

Fund Details as of 12/10/2018

Ticker: DALT

Primary Exchange: Cboe BZX Exchange

Cusip: 90213U115

Inception Date: 09/29/2017

Net Assets: $34,451,142.97

Shares Outstanding: 3,625,000

Advisor Fee: 0.80%

Total Expense Ratio: 1.30%

30-Day SEC Yield: 3.53

Distribution Rate: 0

NAV: $9.5

Market Price: $

Premium Discount: $

Fund Documents:

Top Holdings as of 12/10/2018

Net Assets Name Market Price Shares Held Market Value
4% Vanguard Real Estate ETF $81.59 18,542 $1,512,841.78
4% iShares Global Healthcare ETF $59.75 25,095 $1,499,426.25
4% Ares Capital Corp $16.3 89,350 $1,456,405.00
4% Invesco S&P 500 BuyWrite ETF $21.37 67,685 $1,446,428.45
4% First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III-First Trust $37.96 38,008 $1,442,783.68
4% iShares Mortgage Real Estate ETF $43.27 33,314 $1,441,496.78
4% First Trust Cloud Computing ETF $50.57 28,222 $1,427,186.54
4% Main Street Capital Corporation $37.44 38,113 $1,426,950.72
4% SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Convertible Securities $50.32 28,275 $1,422,798.00
4% IQ US Real Estate Small Cap ETF $24.7498 57,366 $1,419,797.03

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